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houtcast Info and Stats is a PHP script where show varius informations and statistics from web radio stations who using service Shoutcast (v1.x or v2.x). This script is perfect if you have a web radio station and using this service for stream your music.
Shoutcast Info and Stats using PHP and AJAX (jQuery) for show these information in your website and has a very easy installation. You can make your layout by edit one CSS file. In version 1.5 we have add an HTML5 player (optional) and responsive layout! Another feature of our script is the infomations who get from website for current artist, album info, song info and artist’s events.
Shoutcast Info and Stats coming with two types of block layout: Vertical and Horizontal. Each type coming with two styles (clean and dark) and you can edit very easy. We using’s IP database for show some information about each listener of you web station.
Please, read requirements (at the bottom of this page) before purchase this item!


Shoutcast Info and Stats basic features: Now playing and Played history, info for artist, song, album and artist’s top albums – events, player (optional), listeners maps and statistics, responsive layout and dozens more where you can read below:

• Now Playing:
What song play now. With artist’s image, the title of the song, the name of the artist/band, the title of the album and the amount of current listeners. When there are information about artist, song or album the title replaced with links and show on a pop window these information. When click on current listeners link show a pop window with a map and listeners list.
There are 2 types of maps. A Google map with a flag per listener and a Graph map

• Played History:
What songs has played. Show the artist’s name with photo, the song’s title, when has played, a button who open a pop window with artist’s biography, top albums* and next events

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