SHOUTcast and Icecast Radio Web Player

This is a fully flexible SHOUTcast & Icecast web radio player plugin based on HTML5 and jQuery. It pulls metadata and streaming data directly and updates the interface automatically.

It contains superb features such as:

Full Playing/streams History
It automatically loads and updates a list of played tracks, along with their artworks and the time they played at.
Display The Next Track *
It shows the next/upcoming track with its artwork
Artists’ Artworks
For each track playing or in history it loads the right artwork for it using Last.FM API (Automatically)
Full Radio Station Information
It has deducted panel for showing the radio station’s information, such as its name, custom Logo, peak listeners, current listeners, tags, and the radio’s website
Multiple Instances
Various players can go within the same page.
Supports All Formats
It accepts any streaming formats, such as MP3 and ACC, or even a single IP:Port link or URL.
Pretty Customisable
There are many options in the API that makes it customisable for its functions or style.
Easy to Use & Detailed Manual
It is extremly easy to install, also a detailed manual with examples and use cases plus the full list of API are included.

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